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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PDT

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serves a role but really things on exist through formula retail we want to insure behave the right balance if you're neighborhood when you have too much of anything including 0 formula retail it can effect the uniqueness and character of the neighborhood so it's important we have a strong process around formula retail i supported prop g and i support having our conditional use process for formula retail to the community so they can weigh in i know in my district we've had quite a few instances where formula retail in the castro upper market neighborhood it's shown it's worked formula retail proposals that have begun if with almost no opposition because there's properly outreach and people in the community thought when it was
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lee i didn't see on castro street or the old turn over records massive location people thought were going to stay vacant had a lot of support but then we had robust conversation about starbuck and it was denied so my one of the proposals the process works the community weighs in and the planning commission makes a decision a number i'm supportive of the proposals today and the amendments outlined by supervisor mar it will provide a even stronger and better process what's challenging is that a lot of times when we hear push back against formula retail zoning controls it is not necessarily push back against the concept of
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having the community be able to weigh in with an opinion there's pretty broad support for making sure people weigh in but what we hear is it's not related to formula retail but related to the fact our conditional use process is broken it's not broken because of the community input that's not broken at all but broken because the process takes so long and so not just in the roll call context but another context that hydrahas nothing to do with well, i can't tell you the number of conversations with project sponsors they need a quality of life that are not controversial that have board community support and the idea of going through a six or eight or 10 month process or if their
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super, super lucky we'll get through in two to four months that's a very changing especially for smaller businesses and having to carry rent for all those months is daunting and sometimes, it displaces it entirely i've heard from businesses saying we have no problem going through a conditional use process and doing the outreach to the community and going to the commission but we have a problem with it taking so long and part of it is the under resourcing in the planning staff and the more fees we create the more workload on the staff so we have to figure out a way going beyond formula retail to fix the conditional use process so the process itself doesn't dissituated anyone so this is an
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overarching issue i don't opinionated to have all the answers but i agree with supervisor mar for the smaller formula retail for the book inks of the word and the local businesses that happen to trigger formula retail trying to give them a faster process we treat everyone fairly so i also i'm supportive of what is moving forward today and glad that supervisor mar is noting the two versions i have two additional amendments i'll offer at the end the legislation inadvertently wipes out some controls on the financial services in the castro the upper market and the commercial transit district and the
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northeast those have required a number of issues in the coming years by it wipes them out i'm going to make an amendment to run state them to make sure they're in blas place i'll read the amendment at the end and i'll the legislation currently has no grandfathering provisions so if someone submitted an application a year ago and it is 3 days away from today getting a their permits they'll have to start over with the conditional use and i don't think that that is particularly fair i'll be offering an amendment that my permit applications that's been filed as of this past friday will be not otherwise be
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qualified in an expansion of this legislation will be grandfathered in and i also there are a few amendments that i would require a rereferral to planning to the planning commission i don't want to trigger a referral to planning i'm going to request at the end of the hearing we duplicate the file to move forward with the legislation make a few all the times and referred to the planning commission and that will be to do first, i had we've interim controls in place in the castro commercial district to try probation officer to prevent gaming of the system we had two try to change their name after they were nominated and
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especially with what supervisor mar mentioned regarding the second floor will be uses we'll consider them formula retail potential our the ground floor should not be considered formula retail if they're on the second floor specifically financial services and limited and personal services we had this discussion as you recall when we have the bank legislation at the committee those kinds of more office kinds of uses or gives him whatever they might be there's the argument they make sense on the second floor so if you have for example, a fink service business that wants to go in and they have the choice of being formula retail and conditional use for ground floor we should be encouraging them to go onto the
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steck second floor i'd like to add an amendment they'll not be formula retail if they're on the second floor and thank you supervisor mar and i thank victor long and others from the city attorney's office for their hard work i have a minor amendment to read into the record and besides this small business accreditation coalition i want to thank the chamber of commerce for giving great recommendations we did our best to integrate into the record as well. >> supervisor wiener can we have our colleague maybe supervisor cohen has something to audio. >> i do have a couple of remarks i want to say thank you to the planning commission and
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the planning department and supervisor mar's coming together with a solid piece of legislation i wanted to give voice to the fact there are some neighborhoods like the ones i represented that welcome formula retail and depends on the large recognition to increase the foot traffic to support the smaller mom and pop businesses that also exists on the major corridors so any position when it comes to formula retail is i'm caution i don't want to see a cook current approach for the whole city but taking into consideration each neighborhood has a unique feel to it that should be represented so with that, said i'm supportive of the amendments being proposed and want to commend you and the planning department. >> we have ann mare rogers and
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others. >> emry rogers with the planning staff we're tloild to be here this committee is looking at the update for the formula retail since it began 10 years ago in we all know those are is about adjusted many, many times last summer loan 5 ordinances to adjust the controls slightly in a way but in july the planning commission passed the legislation you're going further updating and supervisor mar introduced an issue and on behalf of the commission i want to change the supervisors and members of the board that weighed in on the issues
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the commissions explanation bend and this study is important san francisco is on the leading edge of formula retail legislation we were not the first to length erect formula retail but all the cities are watching city's as different as new zealand and manhattan are looking for leadership and part of the listener is our approach through study and dialog most of the issues have been resolved here's a bit about the conditions during the process yo read the slide but the anthony thorough ownership is from the public testimony and the commissioners participated in the stralz meetings and with the benefit of this you have the
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draft owners that supervisor mar summarized as part of the presentation we'll talk about what we learned at the differences between the recommendations and supervisor mar's proposal first i'm going to turn it over to project manag manager. >> good afternoon supervisor wiener and supervisors i'm mr. burns i'm going to take you through the cast and recommendations that supervisor mar proposed first, let's talk about the highlights we conducted in perspire are oewd we didn't know how much retail existed in san francisco formula retail accounts for 12 percent compared to national thirty
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percent we found out that commercial retail does not have control but it accounts for - formula retail occupies an stampeded 31 percent of the square footage state police it is highly downtown and the northeast waterfront perseverance of the formula retail is significantly by business type 84 percent are formula type compared to routines formula retail has a role to play in our neighborhoods but comes with potential drawbacks our proposal balances it to provide for public good we hear the concern is it drives rent up we find it is correlated with the economic cycles most of the applications occurs after the
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recession and formula retails have the resources to improve the storefronts with challenging conditions and help with these the revitalization of the neighborhood they have challenging to the community organizing and outreach those factors are important to remember we remember what is important to the neighborhood both proposals share the vigor that is implemented regardless of which proposal it adapted. >> the code sets the 5 criteria to adapt the guidelines into proposals are by incorporating the commissions now policy document and guide for formula retail which i have copies for you as well first, it is strengthening the quality of life process by providing the guidance to the staff and public how formula retail applications will be
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evaluated and second providing the performance for proposals are aesthetically compatible to the neighborhood it will provide additional guidelines for the concentration the character unshaven of the context of the district that includes the massing and retail and demographic unique characters the second guide provides the review guidelines that covers the signage and storefront transparency that should be maximize missed and covers the design that is conceptual and pa capable and establish the pedestrian guidelines the commission guide klutz the elements that are to insure the consistent naturals so the commission may properly evaluate where they're necessary those
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elements are holistic evaluations and perform spaces guidelines and daily needs and articulates methodology for concentration and use both proposals include adaptation of permanent controls on central market and with the supervisor kim's rail controls that is for the downtown zoning district the commission a thoout this is appropriate because market should retain a san francisco character since 2011 there's 040 development projects in the pipeline with the developments on the horizon this is ideal to consciously look at the character again on behalf of the commission staff appreciates
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the correspondence with the staff number the planning commission recommends changing the threshold to 19 locations while the supervisor will keep the number at 11 both count the national locations to the threshold the commission will keep the noticing consistent with all cruz and sxhafr will expand the cu notice for thirty days the commission ties the requirements for the environmental review environmental review to our cu process awhile supervisor mar's proposal includes the threshold of 20 thousand square feet we'll dloefl deeper in a now a minutes we have a staff disapproval if the concentration is at 20 percent or above the supervisor will codify this department for the upper market and central area on it is implement and they don't believe it is codified to
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the management recommendation beyond the quantitative threshold both proposals have the same economics study there are differences too the study should be done and the last 4 elements are described just to give you an idea of the types of businesses we're looking at french financial are check cashing institution these will be mixed use and we don't anticipate many cruz we're both proposing to limit the financial like atm and personal services and gym and hair slogans a it will professional services like h and r block and state farm not
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included in the proposal supervisor mar proposed now the environmental review impact study and provided feedback on best practices first, the size of the business a business of fewer then one hundred though square feet will have a measurable citywide impact and they can be measured by the commission and supervisor with the caveat it will be harder to length e predict with smaller stores a leakage study is an unmet demands for a business can be estimated about it will not be predicted for a capture the study of impacts should be consistent and qualify active with the employment analysis shows the impacts on business stores with a proposed added employment where it will pay a living wage the cost is
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significant steshtd between 020 and $30,000 a final word an environmental review environmental review studies they are both an art and science as such, they shouldn't be overvalued and numbers can be maneuvered we ask you the process needs review not overly did not an economic studies with an idea of what constitutes best businesses this hinges on the threshold of the report under today's control fees for controls uses consider parks and some employment related impacts they require additional studies
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for large retail over 50 thousand square feet in size whether or not their exempted both proposals will require 3 new studies with a variable area to be determined by the use the 3 studies includes the new employee numbers and wage and itemization of the public services needed and created and provide a quantify and qualify active to help people to understand the unmet demands awe how it effects the neighborhood supervisor mar's study as a lower threshold off 20 thousand and exemption grocery stores and requiring it a small-scale business will need a new cost for uses similar to how new cost construction into as to how the process review it is important to know that the discretionary
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review is large working and under the package the quality active impacts will be assessed the formula retail cu will consider the vacancy rates between the district and the availability of similar formula retail use given the threshold of 20 thousand square feet as supervisor mar talked about based on the one the cases 10 percent of past cu formula retail will be subject to the environmental review impact study requirements thank you yourself time and attention on behalf of the department we want to thank supervisor mar and the members of the board for taking the time for although us to talk about the formula retail thank you. >> supervisor mar any
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additional presentation or move to public comment. >> we'll now opium it will be two minutes i'll call the group of cards i'm going to ask that people only speak once i've called our card and we want to talk about short-term rentals and it is nice when people wait until we call the card so thank you for your patience (calling name (calling name (calling names) pierce no last name (calling names). >> thank you good afternoon, supervisors aim dee workman from the chamber of commerce first of all, i want to thank you all for
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working and putting together the two complex pieces of legislation two one i know it took a tremendous number of hard work we appreciate it we haven't seen it; however, i know the dvlt and i can only respond to what i've heard 0 i've not seen the legislation and could you stop the clock for a second if people have side conversations to take them outside to hear the sparks speakers. >> i've lost a couple of seconds i really like what we've heard there's a lot of good information here a lot of good changes i think we can support we really like taking the business and professional services out this is a good idea both because it didn't belong there it's or we're cognizant to see how long the permit
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processes are delacey laid are parcels we're recognize our apart 20 thousand square feet is reasonable we do support that i think i've heard i don't think so it's okay to have administrative review so one formula retail taking over a last year formula retail that will expedite the process these great we want to see the stlerldz raised i understand it's not going to be raised we really like to expedite the permits for small businesses we would like to work you with on that and supervisor wiener we appreciate the second floor that's a great idea totally behind that those are aspired
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ideas we have to to someone else for small businesses to help them get their predicament and hope to work with you supervisor mar to study the subsidy but we want to work with you and thank you all for your hard work and want to get a copy of the legislation thank you. >> thank you and the amendments will be available to anyone who would like to see them >> next speaker >> good afternoon. i'm paul wormer i'm here on behalf of the telegraph hill thank you very much for all i have our efforts and working together on this whole project we're excuse me. we're quite happy with the 11
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still being the they recalled and we would like to participate and i'm sure all the neighborhood association want to participate in the updating and looking forward to drafting the legislation for the complexity that staff wasn't able to deal with i've offered and still happy to participate so as i say telegraph hill dwellers want to perimeter i too haven't seen the legislation i tried to gatt get a copy today but. >> couple of comments been the prospective legislation the approach of what i'll call second story units as a means of defining something that is not formula retail i think
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contractually is a good idea and again depended on who gets into that career that may raise issues with that group and maybe others thank you for the getting that together to the staff and we'll look forward to working with you further. >> thank you very much i totally agree with the categories matter. >> next speaker. >> supervisor mar and supervisor wiener and supervisor cohen thank you for your time i'm that i'm here representing the golden gate coalition and want to express our thoughts of on the formula retail we ask the threshold to be raised to 9 in one piece of legislation that's not the reality by want to up that up to communicating how to help the businesses that fall in between the 11 to 19 talking
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about the san francisco soup company and the on that are san francisco based on and want to make sure we can do all we can to help the local san francisco businesses not get lost with starbuck's and mcdonald's and the small businesses that san francisco entails looked like to see the legislation and thank you for your time. >> thank you. next speaker. >> supervisor wiener and supervisor cohen and supervisor mar connie celebrating our 4 year anniversary comprised of labor unions coming together to work to continue the process of making san francisco the city that we all know and love we appreciate supervisor mar our hard, hard work in this we know
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that you worked with a large coalition and it takes a lot of stick to itness and we support this compromise legislation one of the things beef been talking about in the halls of justice has to do with the balance of honoring the vitality fabric of our business on whatever street on fillmore or third street or union street honoring that and pd to keep that intact but also when we bring in formula retail what happens those to jobs and economic so the jobs for justice i'm sure you're all aware of has been working on the bill of rights for formula retail in particular we're excited to have it expanded in the initiate it's


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